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Dori: WA Dems stopping Republicans from having 2020 candidate


The Democrat-controlled Senate passed one of the worst bills I have ever seen, and it will directly affect the 2020 election in Washington.

Senate Bill 5078 says that if you want to be president  in Washington state, you have to release your last five years of tax returns.

So our Senate, in a fit of petulance, is saying that since Donald Trump hasn’t released his tax returns, they will force him to do it in Washington.

Sen. Doug Ericksen (R-Ferndale) made a great point. The Republicans in our state will give their support to Trump. Trump won’t release his tax returns, of course. So, under this bill, Donald Trump would not be allowed on the 2020 ballot.

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The Republican Party in Washington would not be allowed to have a Republican candidate on the ballot.

Do you think that’s what a good constitutional republic does?

The Democrats will pass this law because they are in power in the Legislature. Attorney General Bob Ferguson has made a habit of taking on Trump, so he’ll defend this law. And then when the Republicans nominate Trump in 2020, he won’t release his taxes, and then there would be no Republican presidential candidate in Washington.

Let’s see what the Supreme Court has to say about that.

We’ve got a bunch of children in the Democratic Party in Olympia. They are exhibiting their desire for your money and their petulance this week more than I have ever seen.

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