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New Zealand shooting
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Ross: New Zealand shooter’s racist agenda looked to divide us

(Photo by Dianne Manson/Getty Images)

According to what appears to be the manifesto of the New Zealand killer, the suspect is a White Nationalist whose main gripe is that white people are being out-reproduced by non-white people, and that it’s destroying the planet.

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But let’s get to the role he expects us, as Americans, to play in his grand plan. He is hoping the outrage over what he did will fire up the U.S. gun debate in a way that irreversibly fractures our politics. Considering how fractured our politics already are, it’s oddly reassuring that he thinks we need help with that.

He also predicted that this would push us over the edge: That Leftists will now try to repeal the Second Amendment, prompting gun owners on the right to lock and load, starting a civil war that will break us up into small states organized along racial lines, and thus ending our role as a superpower.

I’m hoping we will thwart his plan by behaving like civilized people and not doing any of that.

In the meantime, a request: We are now entering the copycat period, so it might be wise for gun dealers, to voluntarily confine sales of AR-15-type weapons to people you know really really well.

And maybe look into the social media posts of the people you’ve already sold to, because — as this reminds us — sometimes they spell out exactly what they plan to do with their purchase.

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