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How a Seattle fraternity duped broadcaster Pat O’Day

British singer-songwriter and musician Paul McCartney and actress Jane Asher arrive at Heathrow Airport from India, London, UK, 27th March 1968. (Photo by George Stroud/Daily Express/Getty Images)

Legendary Seattle broadcaster Pat O’Day got into a bit of trouble with Paul McCartney in the mid-’60s.

He was visiting Dori in the studio on Friday and explained that a local fraternity developed an elaborate scheme in hopes that he would report false news on his radio show.

They hired someone to tell him that, “Paul McCartney is going to marry Jane Asher when the Beatles are in Seattle.”

O’Day said a woman from an answering service met him at a nearby coffee shop with a giant envelope full of information about tuxedo rentals, venue rentals, reservations for Jane Asher’s mother on Northwest Airlines. It was tough for O’Day to ignore.

Listen to the full chat with O’Day below to find out how McCartney reacted:

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