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UW cherry trees close to blossoming

A short burst of spring-like weather may have you wondering about the cherry blossoms at University of Washington.

Short answer: they’re not quite ready ready. The school said on Tuesday that peak blossom time is about a weekend away. That said, a trip to UW’s Quad this weekend won’t disappoint. The blossoms are close.

Historically, the blossoms usually peak the third week in March, but heavy snow in February may have contributed to a later showtime.

“Temperature and amount of sunlight are the big factors that determine bloom timing,” campus arborist Sara Shores said in a news release. “Once the trees reach peak bloom, then we hope that the temperatures drop and the air is fully still for two or three weeks. That will help the blossoms last longer.”

Check in on the cherry trees before you make the trek to UW campus via the live webcam or via Twitter.

The 86-year-old “Somei-yoshino” cherry trees in the Quad are the first species to bloom around campus, according to Shores. If you’re not married to the ambiance of the Quad and would rather avoid the crowds, there are other cherry trees planted around campus. Checkout the  pathway south of the law school and the Washington Park Arboretum. These cherry trees are clones of the 29 trees in the Quad.

If you miss the annual cherry tree blooms, the school recommends checking out the trees near Gerberding Hall, which bloom several weeks after the trees in the Quad. There is also a young group of trees between Drumheller Fountain and Gerberding Hall that bloom a little later than the Quad trees.

Regardless of when you schedule a visit, a walk through UW campus won’t disappoint if you’re looking for beautiful trees.

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