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Rep. Denny Heck: AG has ‘moral imperative’ to publish Mueller report

Special Counsel Robert Mueller (Getty Images)

With news breaking Friday that special counsel Robert Mueller had submitted his long-awaited report on the Russia investigation, naturally, speculation has already run rampant. Commenting on that — and what exactly Americans can expect to see from the report in the coming days — was Washington Congressman Denny Heck.

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Right now, Attorney General William Barr has the report in hand, and is in the process of reviewing its contents. It’s unclear, though, what exactly will be made public. For Heck, the hope is that the country will at least get a chance to see the broad strokes painted by Mueller.

“The most important thing is that Attorney General Barr, consistent with federal law, be as transparent as possible, and let the public know exactly what exactly Special Counsel Mueller determined,” Heck told KIRO Radio’s Candy, Mike and Todd Show on Friday.

The 22-month probe ended without additional indictments by Mueller, despite speculation from Democrats and others that members of President Trump’s family could face charges. At least for the time being, it remains to be seen what Barr will deem suitable for the American public.

“I think (Barr) has a pretty considerable moral imperative to show as much as he can without compromising national security,” noted Heck.

If key parts of the report aren’t released, Heck pointed out that Democrats have subpoena power to bring Mueller (and the report) before Congress.

That said, Heck also hopes “it doesn’t come to that.” For now, we wait.

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