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Live music is the alternative to a boring company picnic

SPONSORED — There’s a popular idea that having experiences is better than accumulating stuff, and that idea is more than just a trend – it’s rooted in science.

People are more satisfied when they spend their money on experiences instead of objects, according to a study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. That’s because experiences tend to enhance relationships, become a part of identity and don’t lend themselves to comparison. In other words, there’s no trying to keep up with the Joneses.

“It seems clear that having a rich social life tends to make people happier, but the advice that follows, ‘get a richer, more satisfying social life,’ may be hard for some of us to achieve,” the researchers write. “ … They can simply choose to spend more on experiences than on material goods. And if they do, the research suggests, they are likely to be significantly happier as a result.”

One of the best experiences you can have to make your life richer is with music so, as you aim to make yourself significantly happier, check out the live music coming to town and consider the benefits of the next concert you attend.


Whether you go to a show with friends, family, coworkers or clients, you’ll form connections with the people moving with the beat next to you. That’s because music bonds people who are sharing it.

“Whether at concerts, social events, or awe conferences, music can help us connect, cooperate, and care for each other,” according to the Greater Good Science Center. “This suggests that, if we want to have a more harmonious society, we would do well to continue to include music in our – and our children’s – lives.”

That also makes a live concert the perfect place for a work outing. Instead of cliché team building activities that employees may dread, look into taking the crew to a concert. It’s no wonder that worldwide concert promoter Live Nation Entertainment has found increasing demand for organizing full season, partial season and group packages for corporate clients.

At Gorge Amphitheatre and White River Amphitheatre, you can reserve box suites, so there’s still the opportunity to chat and move around, and take advantage of premium features, like private bars and restrooms and service right to your seats. With artists like Eric Church, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mumford & Sons and Santana, these venues offer an event your staff won’t soon forget.


It may sound too good to be true, but live music is also good for your health. For example, when people attend concerts, they have a drop in stress hormones, according to a study in Public Health journal. That bodes well for stressed out employees who need a break from the daily grind.

There are also psychological benefits for regular concertgoers, who feel a greater sense of wellbeing than those who don’t attend concerts, according to a study in the Psychology of Music journal. So, don’t just go to one concert. Instead, consider season tickets and reap all the social and physical benefits that employees will notice most.

Live Nation offers season ticket packages at Gorge Amphitheatre or White River Amphitheatre that includes comfortable box suite seating, VIP parking passes that let you skip traffic, VIP club access to private bars and restrooms, and wait staff service to box seats so you don’t miss a beat when you need another drink.

Visit to check out upcoming concerts and book the perfect concert package for you and your group.

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