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Medved: How Democrats can defeat Trump after Mueller report

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Watching politics can sometimes be like watching sports with opposing sides trying to score points for their team. From that objective view, KTTH host Michael Medved can see one path for Democrats to score a win against President Trump.

“Trump, dare I say it, he has not been a successful president, I think he has been a dangerous president,” Medved told KIRO Nights. “I worry about the future with Trump. But we are going to be stuck with him unless the Democrats on Capitol Hill stop investigating and start legislating. We did not elect these folks to go to Washington and investigate Trump. People who voted for Democrats, and put Democrats in control of Congress, they want to see some action.”

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It may sound like an odd thing for a renowned conservative commentator to talk about how Democrats can defeat a Republican president. But Medved has never supported Trump’s brand of Republicanism in the first place, while cautiously watching his presidency.

“For people who worry about Trump — and we all should because he has a great deal of power, and I don’t think he has the intelligence, the ability, or the character to wield it effectively – for people who are concerned about his man, you have to vote him out of office,” Medved said. “But that is going to require some kind of credible alternative.”

But Medved also has some strategic advice for the president.

“What Trump has to do if he wants to save his presidency, is now that this is behind him, turn around and pivot,” he said. “Try to be gracious. Try to be president of all the people. Find some stuff where you can work with the other side. They are not the enemy, they are your opponents.”

“Democrats should accept the fact that he is going to be president for another year and a half, at least,” Medved said. “… I think the American people would love to elect a new president if it isn’t somebody who scares them more than Trump.”

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Americans, he argues, are tired of running a government by scandal. Only two presidents have not faced major scandals since the Nixon administration — Carter and H.W. Bush. Both were one-term presidents, so apparently, facing a scandal isn’t a proven way to knock down a presidency. If anything, it proves the opposite.

“I despised it when they did it to Obama, you may remember the fast and furious thing which was a great big nothing, or the Lerner-IRS thing, which was a great big nothing,” Medved said, further noting the Valerie Plame incident with George W. Bush.

“And Clinton, for goodness sake, they had so many different charges against him,” he said. “And Reagan, his labor secretary was forced to resign because he had a special prosecutor against him. And Reagan had the Iran-Contra thing … Reagan is now remembered as a great president by most historians and he also left office very, very popular.”

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