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Jenny Durkan
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Dori: Seattle suffers as Jenny Durkan insists everything is fine

The Licton Springs encampment fire on Saturday. (Photo courtesy of Diedra Ward)

If you don’t even recognize a problem, there’s no way you can fix a problem. After KOMO’s “Seattle is Dying” documentary, Mayor Jenny Durkan said that the hype was all nonsense, that everything is fine.

“I did see the special, and I think it was unfortunate that it focused on a very limited part of Seattle,” said Durkan in a recent statement. “Again, I think if you went to any neighborhood in Seattle today and told the story from Alki, to Seward Park, to up north, to Seattle Center, you’re going to see a city that is thriving, with people who care, that’s welcoming and diverse.

Hear that? Everything is just fine. Let’s see how fine things are.

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Six Starbucks stores were vandalized this past week, with windows smashed from Ballard to Belltown. This goes back to the seeds of when Seattle really started to go down the toilet in the ’90s, when we had a city council that by today’s standards would look moderate, but was still nevertheless moving us left politically.

They invited anarchists from around the country to come here for the May Day riots.

Everything is fine at Alki, according to Jenny Durkan — but Q13 News just had a story about how West Seattle residents are frightened as can be because of the prevalence of street robberies.

In Licton Springs, as KOMO 4 reported, people at a homeless camp near the Licton Springs Tiny House Village started a fire on Saturday.

And Jenny Durkan sticks her head in the sand.

In other cities that surround Seattle — Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, Bellevue — they have police who are empowered, and they do a good job of stopping illegal camping. But in Seattle, because we’re a “welcoming, diverse city,” we allow the criminals to absolutely take over.

When I was a producer, we would go out after the 11 p.m. news, and then walk and talk together downtown. I was the most fearless, lifelong Seattleite you could imagine. I still do the same thing in New York City in the middle of the night.

There is no way I would do that in Seattle today.

But Jenny Durkan says everything is fine. Stop actually opening your eyes and seeing the reality of life around you. Jenny Durkan says if you go to any neighborhood, you’ll see that all these news reports are nonsense. Well, I just took you to several neighborhoods that proved otherwise.

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