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This week in M’s Land or [Can a rebrand save a team] – Week 1

Dee Gordon #9 of the Seattle Mariners, Mallex Smith #0 (2L) of the Seattle Mariners, Tim Beckham #1 of the Seattle Mariners and Domingo Santana #16 of the Seattle Mariners celebrate after a game against the Boston Red Sox at T-Mobile Park on March 31, 2019. (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

Week 1 (5-1)

Week Most resembled this 2020 Presidential Candidate: Pete Buttigieg; Originally in it for the name, but after some early investigation there might be some talent there. Final judgment pending 😉

Daron and I have both discovered our shameful native Washingtonian secret – we’re both Mariners fans. I’ve told many a family member, friend or random transplant on a Lime Bike that there is no relationship that has done more harm to my psyche than my Mariners fandom. Every year, like a beautiful paramour baseball woos us back with her siren song of peanuts, Cracker Jacks and late season collapses that are expected like the cold embrace of a jilted ex.

Similar to our conservative message at AM 770 KTTH we understand how there are those who will mock you for your belief in the Mariners. How your spouse will tell you to turn off the game or a coworker will ask if “they’ve ever made the playoffs in your lifetime.” Either way we’ve decided to join the ride this year – likely to our heart’s ultimate demise.

Tune in every Monday and read our summary online for “This Week in M’s Land.”  You can also catch the Mariners on our sister station 710 ESPN all season long!

Game 1: Seattle @ Oakland [Baseball Kick-Off in Japan]

Result: Mariners 9 (1-0) – Oakland 7 (0-1)

Saul: Baseball is back and I literally don’t know anyone on this team but Ichiro and Felix. I was pretty sure we’d lose but turns out we didn’t … Also Ichiro in Japan!!!

Daron: I’ve been optimistic on Opening Day too many times. Well not anymore! Except Santana hit a Grand Slam and now I’m all in. Oops.

High T Player of the Game: Ichiro – he walked in his only at bat but either way he played his second to last game in Japan the country of his birth at 45!

Game 2: Seattle @ Oakland [Baseball Kick-Off in Japan]

Result: Mariners 5 (2-0) – Oakland 4 (0-2)

Saul: Another baseball game that starts off at the crisp time of 2:30 AM – I didn’t think anything could be earlier than morning radio. Extremely special game defined by Ichiro walking off the field in the eighth inning to thunderous applause from a sold out crowd at the Tokyo Dome… Side story: the Mariner’s win in extra innings.

Daron: The game was really early so I watched the highlights, and most (aside from the Ichiro moments) were from pitcher Yusei Kikuchi. His curveball reminds me of Clayton Kershaw. Could be fun to see him in the Cy Young race.

High T Player of the Game: Ichiro – a no brainer first ballot hall of famer ends his career with a win in Japan. He is the record holder for most combined hits between Japan and US.

Game 3: Boston @ Seattle [Home Opener]

Result: Red Sox 4 (0-1) – Mariners 12 (3-0)

Saul: Seriously who are these guys?! I’m just starting to realize that we might have a legitimate offense here between Haniger (RF), Narvaez (C), Santana (LF), and Beckham (SS).  With multiple homers and some solid pitching the Mariners wipe out the Red Sox to kick off the home opener!

Daron: Optimism is rising. 12 runs against the World Series champions and one of the best pitchers in baseball; Chris Sale. Did Safeco Field T-Mobile Park shrink?

High T Player of the Game:  T-Mobile Park – obviously the pink highlights help with the Marine layer.

Game 4: Boston @ Seattle

Result: Red Sox 7 (1-1) – Mariners 6 (3-1)

Saul: Ahhh a much needed dose of baseball reality. The Mariners had this game in the bag and then new closer Hunter Strickland threw out his arm and blew the save. Baseball is beautiful, baseball is pain. Thanks for the reminder Mariners.

Daron: A ferocious reminder that Edwin Diaz is gone. I knew the bullpen would give us some issues this year but jeez.

Low T Loser of the Game: Hunter Strickland – Nothing more Low T than getting injured and blowing the save. Hunter Strickland loses the closer position in one try and heads to the 10-Day DL to dream of being better.

Game 5: Boston @ Seattle

Result: Red Sox 5 (1-2) – Mariners 6 (4-1)

Saul: I’m getting a very disconcerting feeling that this baseball team isn’t awful and might even be average. Then suddenly three straight errors with two outs in the ninth and the Mariners almost blow the game. This team is going to give me an ulcer if we don’t get a real closer.

Daron: Can we make baseball games 8-innings long from now on? 3 errors from rookie 3rd baseman Dylan Moore. All in the 9th inning. All with 2 outs. ESPN called it a ‘late rally’ by the Red Sox. Lol.

High T Player of the Game: Brandon Brandon (Brandon Brennan) or whoever that new reliever is called who seems to actually be competent. Shout out to Nick Rumbelow for pulling it together and getting the strikeout to end the game when our defense collapsed.

Game 6: Boston @ Seattle

Result: Red Sox 7 (1-1) – Mariners 10 (4-1)

Saul: Oh Edwin Diaz – how I miss you – let me count the ways. The Mariners live a charmed life and get out of a bases loaded jam to end the game. Closer by committee is looking very sketchy.

Daron: So this is what it’s like to have an offense. I’ve never seen the ball fly out of Safeco Field T-Mobile Park like this. Mariners ‘closers’ walked four in the 9th inning increasing heart rates all across the Puget Sound.

High T Player of the Game: Omar Narvaez (2-for-5 3 RBI) isn’t it nice to have a catcher that can actually hit a moving change-up? Yes, we’re talking about you Mike Zunino.

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