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Why prolong an argument that’s already decided?

When you’re losing an argument, it’s pointless and self-destructive to keep it going. And if you’ve already won your argument, it’s ugly and demeaning to continue hectoring your vanquished foe.

That’s why both parties to the two-year battle over the Mueller investigation should drop their obsessive attempts to continue the conflict. Democrats and their media allies lost the fight over alleged Russian collusion, and no new Congressional testimony or revelations from the full report will lead Trump supporters to abandon a president they deeply admire. Similarly, Republican attempts to “investigate the investigators” won’t cause any long-time Trump critics to suddenly hail his noble leadership.

History and the voters will judge both president and Congress on their performance on the economy, national security, immigration, the deficit, and other substantive issues, once the beltway elites terminate the tiresome charges and counter-charges over accusations that have already dragged on too long.

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