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Dori: CNN’s Jay Inslee Town Hall was just embarrassing

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee announces his campaign for president in 2020 at A&R Solar in Seattle. (KIRO 7)

Jay Inslee went on CNN Wednesday night for a town hall with Wolf Blitzer.

He really did sound like he has just half a brain, as he himself said earlier this week. CNN didn’t do Inslee any favors by airing this interview.

Inslee went off on Boeing for “extortion” because of the $8.7 billion tax break the company got in 2013. Jay Inslee himself signed the bill that was a record tax break for them. How stupid can he sound? He signed the tax break and then goes and calls it “extortion.”

How, Jay, as president, are you going to handle groups like Hamas and ISIS if you can’t handle Boeing? If you cave in to Boeing’s financial “extortion,” what’s going to happen when radical groups try to kill American citizens in the name of terror? Are you going to cave in to their demands and then whine about what you did yourself?

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I had a choice to make several years ago after the governor lied to my listeners. Jay Inslee and I had played a charity basketball game together. We were buddies. Then he lied to us all on-air when he said that he wouldn’t raise taxes. I had to make a decision. Did I protect this friendly relationship I’d developed with him? Or did I stay true to you, the listeners?

It was an easy decision. Of course I stayed true to you. I will always stay committed to bringing you, the listeners, the truth about what is going on in your government. And so I’ve been one of the biggest public critics of Jay Inslee in the region.

Then on CNN, Inslee gave his spiel on climate change. This climate change thing is all phony. Scientists were absolutely positive in 1989, according to an AP story, that rising sea levels would wipe entire countries away by the year 2000 due to global warming. Really? Well it’s 2019 now, and I haven’t seen any nations wiped away by apocalyptic floods. We’re all being lied to. They’ve been lying to use for decades. And Governor Inslee has built his entire presidential campaign around this one lie.

The poor guy. He really was stumbling and fumbling last night. When they did cutaways of the audience, the people looked like “Village of the Damned.” Despite the fact they were all hardcore Dems, they looked bored. One woman even checked her watch.

I think I’ve become a pretty good political observer over the years. Barack Obama, as I said in 2008, was a formidable candidate. He was electric in front of a crowd. He was and is a great orator. I don’t agree with him on policy, but you have to recognize the skill that he has in rhetoric. Bill Clinton was the same. He was a Rhodes scholar, a very smart guy.

The more Jay Inslee talks, the more people are bored with him. They don’t hate him; they’re just bored. They couldn’t possibly be more bored.

And talk about a bunch of softball questions. Why didn’t anyone ask Jay Inslee, “Why do cops in your state hate you?” What about, “Why did the family of a cop who was shot in your state order you not to come to their son’s funeral?” Or how about, “Why are there record murders in Yakima County? How many of them are connected to illegal immigrants?” Make him be accountable for his sanctuary policy that is directly connected to the murder of a cop.

They don’t ask him any of those things. And it’s disgusting.

He couldn’t even answer the question about “fixing our broken recycling system.” And when asked about climate change, he said that he knows “to a moral certainty” that his grandkids will “live a very degraded life” if nothing changes with the environment. What does that even mean?

Jay, give it up. You’re already at zero percent. People are going to start saying you need to drop out of the race entirely.

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