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Johnson & Johnson settles Washington surgical mesh lawsuit for $9.9 million

(AP file photo)

In an effort to avoid going to trial, Johnson & Johnson will pay $9.9 million for failing to disclose the serious risks linked with their surgical mesh devices, which impacted numerous Washington patients, nurses, and doctors.

Originally filed in 2016, the lawsuit brought by Attorney General Bob Ferguson contended that Johnson & Johnson violated Washington’s Consumer Protection Act when they didn’t indicate the life-altering risks of their mesh on instructions and marketing materials.

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As a result of using them, Washington women experienced chronic pain, urinary issues, pain during sex, and the devices were found to be very difficult and painful to remove. The mesh devices are normally used for urinary issues, as well as pelvic organ prolapse, when organs shift from their normal position.

Johnson & Johnson’s foreknowledge was confirmed when Global Head of Medical Affairs Piet Hinoul admitted they knew of the risks “from day 1,” and did not make the decision to inform patients.

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“Johnson & Johnson’s knowing deception caused Washington women to suffer in deeply personal ways,” said Ferguson. “I’m proud of my team for holding a powerful interest accountable for its egregious conduct — and look forward to providing millions of dollars in relief to assist those who were harmed.”

Approximately 14,000 Washington women had these devices implanted, and the Attorney General’s Office believes hundreds have been impacted, with several suffering lifelong pain.

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