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Introducing the WSECU & KIRO Radio Hometown Hero: Randy Pennington

SPONSORED — Randy Pennington has a clear commitment to serving others, as evidenced by his 12 years serving in the army, work as a paramedic, 911 dispatcher, volunteer firefighter, fire commissioner and most recently serving as a reserve police officer for the city of Toledo for the last 33 years. The city of Toledo is lucky to have such a civil servant.

Pennington’s life has always been about serving others, and he is quite possibly the definition of a Hometown Hero. When he is not working his “day job” of driving a semi-truck, he is a Class One reserve police officer. Randy helps the police department during off hours in addition to helping cover vacations, sick leave or training new recruits. He typically puts in about 20 to 30 hours a week on patrol.

“People said I am not paid for being a Reserve Officer, which is not true. I do not draw a salary, but I am paid in ways that are far more important. Every time I help someone or assist someone, his or her gratitude is more payment than a paycheck. Being a cop in a small town is the best,” Pennington said.

As for advice on how to get involved in your local community, Pennington wants our readers to know “Everyone has something positive that [they] can do for their community. Seek out the opportunities to do so. Everyone has something to offer; a talent, a skill, or a gift. Lend that to your community, you will receive back a thousand fold more in gratitude from those you touch.”

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