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Cars crushed by demolished wall in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood

(KIRO 7)

The wall of a garage being demolished in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood came crashing down on several parked cars Monday afternoon.

“I initially came out here when it all happened,” a woman whose car was crushed told KIRO 7 TV. “I asked one of the construction workers where their project manager was so I could talk with him and exchange information — there’s no project manager on-site, he said ‘he’s on his way down.”

Another witness told KIRO that there were no signs restricting parking in the area until after the collapse. Even then, the temporary “no parking” restrictions were supposed to kick in on Tuesday, May 7.

The incident happened on 10th Avenue and Union Street, with the collapsing wall damaging at least three cars. A witness told The Stranger that the wall missed hitting a bystander “by just a few feet.”

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