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Puyallup police find naked suspect in garage after high-speed chase

(Photo courtesy of City of Puyallup)

It would be a shock to any homeowner: a naked criminal hiding in your garage.

That’s what happened Monday when police arrested a man at a Puyallup home who’d fled the hospital after crashing his car in a high-speed chase down Highway 167.

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Pierce County Detective Ed Troyer says the chase began late Sunday night when the 33-year-old man was driving on Highway 167.

“He had stolen a car, was driving at high rates of speed, the windshield was broken, and he refused to stop for our deputies. When he crashed, we were able to get him into custody.”

After being brought to a hospital, the suspect escaped and was later found hiding naked in a nearby garage — which clearly had no clothes in it.

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The 33-year-old suspect is in custody and pleaded not guilty to multiple charges on Tuesday.

“We have these type things happen down here all the time, unfortunately,” Detective Troyer said. “This type of thing is not unusual.”

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