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Ross: US highways held hostage at the White House

President Trump speaks about Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

President Trump finally drew a line with Democrats. Even though he had previously agreed to $2 trillion worth of transportation projects — and even though he can do infrastructure like no one else — he abruptly walked out of a White House meeting, declaring to the assembled Democratic leaders: No infrastructure until you agree to stop your witch hunt.

Which is like saying: no moon mission until the moon agrees to move closer.

Arresting the gun, not the shooter

The Democrats observed that this whole display was either a deliberate setup, or that snazzy graphic on the Mueller investigation somehow miraculously attached itself to his Rose Garden podium.

But still, Speaker Nancy Pelosi had to know that by uttering the words “cover up” after meeting with impeachment-minded Democrats she would trigger the guy – it’s an involuntary reflex with him.

Just to take a hypothetical, if by some quirk Vlad The Impaler were elected president, would you carry a load of sharp wooden stakes into your infrastructure meeting?

Come on!

And so now there’s a stake right through the heart of your commute – for who knows how long.

Here’s my suggestion. The federal gas tax has been at 18.4 cents since 1993. With inflation, it should be at 32 cents today. Congress should raise it to 32 cents, give the money directly to each state, let them pick their own projects, and get something built. Until the silly soap opera is over.

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