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Distrusting the people

(KIRO 7 image)

Angry nationwide demonstrations against more restrictive state abortion laws demonstrate a destructive tendency of the left—distrusting the will of the people, as expressed through their elected representatives.

If activists dislike new laws they should push for repeal through the legislative and electoral processes. Instead, they demand instant judicial action to disregard choices voters and legislators have made.

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Similarly, Democrats are moving forward with the “National Popular Vote Interstate Compact”—disregarding voters in participating states by awarding electoral votes only to the national popular vote winner.

That means even if a Republican won a big majority in Colorado, say, the Democrat gets the state’s electors if he—or she—did better nationally.

Already ratified by 14 states, this compact takes effect if just five more legislatures agree to participate, eliminating the Electoral College as a meaningful institution and erasing state lines as significant boundaries.

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