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Listen: Could ugly fish be cause of West Seattle hum?


Could the Midshipman fish be the source of West Seattle’s mystery hum? (AP image)

The mysterious humming sound keeping some West Seattle residents awake could be coming from a fish, according to some University of Washington experts.

Reports surfaced earlier this week of the constant low frequency hum. Some speculate the source is the Lafarge plant on West Marginal Way.

But KING 5 reports scientists with the University of Washington’s Marine Biology program point to the Midshipman fish, described as an ugly creature with an odd mating call.

The experts say nearby buildings or ships could be acting as a giant sub-woofer carrying the low frequency sound for miles.

Sounds fishy to us. You be the judge. Here’s a clip of the original sound recorded by the West Seattle Blog (starts about 20 seconds in.)

Listen here to a clip of a recording of a Midshipman fish made by Cornell University.

What do you think?

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