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Dori Monson’s Feedback Friday: The PNW breathes a sigh of relief

(KIRO Radio)

Welcome to Dori’s Feedback Friday feature, where we collect a sampling of comments received over email and Facebook on various topics throughout the week. Want the chance to have your comments included in Feedback Friday? Send your thoughts about any show topics via email or the Dori Monson Facebook page.

No, Dori isn’t leaving the show

The relief of the year …

Dori, you had my wife Laraine and me scared stiff when you came on the radio at 1:30 today. What a giant relief! Thank you for making the decision to continue to fight the good fight against the powers in our region. Liberalism is indeed a disease and we have a plague of this disease in our beloved Northwest. You are a giant voice of common sense, and those of us who are not one of the liberal lemmings need you to keep pushing back with logic like you do. Thank you! We will introduce ourselves to you on the cruise coming up. You are a hero to my wife and me.

– Mark in Kenmore

Great news, Dori! I would have to move if you left the show. You are the one voice of reason in the area!

– Barb in Poulsbo

Dang, Dori, I thought you were going to give us your notice, I actually had a tear in my eye. Thank you for all you do, very glad you are sticking around!

– Dino in Snoqualmie

… And the panic before it was revealed

I’m afraid of what I might hear later this workweek re: a big announcement about The Big Show.
Good tease for how to show me a disaster if Dori or any of his supporting staff will be leaving.
I don’t care for some of Dori’s snarky remarks and intonations, but I truly value his drive to bring an alternative view to the current demand to give only the liberal side of a reasonable conversation about who we have become in the Puget Sound area. I also further admire his drive to verify and reveal incompetence and frankly criminal activity by those who took an oath to support and defend our Constitution.

I surely hope that KIRO will not be taking Dori off the air while he still provides a reason to listen, despite my occasional differences with how he presents himself. That’s why he’s there, isn’t it?
– Doug in Tacoma

Does Dori resemble the valedictorian?

Dori, you do realize that your entire career is to bloviate, and throw people under the bus when they deserve it? But you believe it’s wrong for a student to spend a few minutes doing the exact same thing? That’s not right, dude. You might want to think about that.

– Dave in Renton

Repeat offender attacks 91-year-old woman in Ballard

I bet that guy would not have shoved that old lady if there had been drag queens in that library telling stories.

– Stu in Pasco

Public universities use tax dollars to cover up scandals

Your entire rant about the UW scandal centered on the use of “taxpayer money” … but the UW Athletic Department doesn’t utilize taxpayer money. It is a self-sufficient unit that funds itself. UW Athletics even has a reserve that covers any deficits — thus avoiding asking the state or university for money.

You were wrong. Period. Factually wrong. I’m sure you’ll twist it, because by definition, it is “state money.” But it is absolutely not tax money.

– Adam in Seattle

The dog video may have been a mistake …

As someone with a son diagnosed with narcolepsy, I know all too well how the condition is viewed as “hysterical” and “comical”… It’s not. The same goes for any animal with a seizure condition. I just wish people were more educated about the disorder. It’s never been depicted seriously by the media or entertainment business. Sad.

– Linda in Klaus

That is a seizure. The dog is not enjoying this. It is suffering. Please stop the overbreeding of dogs.

– Chris in Bonney Lake

City, county spend millions on legal aid for immigrants

Ask someone from an support group for the elderly or group for people with disabilities what they could do with $5 million or $7 million more dollars. As it is, government is cutting support for senior centers and cares little about the elderly or those with disabilities when they have needs for clear sidewalks, safe streets, access to legal aid when they need it to protect themselves from crooks and people who prey on them, or any legal dispute on a fixed income.

– Victor in Seattle

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