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No plan in place for how State Auditor’s Office will operate with Kelley on leave

There are no plans for how the Washington State Auditor's Office will operate beginning May 1. (AP)

There are no plans for how the Washington State Auditor’s Office will operate beginning May 1.

State Auditor Troy Kelley has not told the Governor’s office how the office will be run when Kelley goes on a leave of absence, according to a letter from Jay Inslee.

“This is extremely troubling,” Inslee wrote to Kelley. “The public and state and local governments deserve a fully functioning State Auditor’s Office, whether you choose to perform your duties or not.”

Elected officials told Kelley to step down following his indictment by a federal grand jury on charges of filing false tax returns, attempted obstruction of a civil lawsuit and possession of stolen.

Kelley will not be paid while he is on leave, according to the Governor’s letter. The Department of Enterprise Services and Office of Financial Management was directed to withhold all compensation.

Kelley has until April 29 to respond to Governor Inslee with a specific plan on how the office will operate while he is on leave.

In addition to the operation plan, Inslee again requested Kelley resign.

“I also reiterate my call on you to resign from your position as State Auditor,” Inslee wrote. “You have lost the trust of the public and the agencies that your office oversees.

“I urge you to put the interests of the people of the State of Washington above your own.”

Kelley said his indictment has no merit and plans to fight the allegations against him.

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