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King County Jail, Human Roulette, ICE
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Dori: In this week’s Human Roulette, it’s the Ballard sexual harasser

The King County Jail. (KIRO 7)

The phrase that I’ve come up with for what’s happening with the King County Prosecutor’s Office and City of Seattle Attorney’s Office is “Human Roulette.”

There are all of these prolific offenders, and our city and county just let them walk. They let a rapist walk free so he can assault his victim yet again.

A guy who tried to throw a woman off an I-5 overpass — and who had previously walked around punching random people in the face — was let go because he was determined not competent to stand trial.

With all of these guys, there is not a question of whether they will re-offend — there is a certainty that they will re-offend. Then the question just becomes, whom are they going to assault or even kill next?

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The other story that we had just last week that KIRO 7 TV exclusively tipped us off on was on the guy who had previously tried to break into buildings in West Seattle with a 12-inch serrated blade down his pants. He was arrested but then released a few days later, and then went on to violently attack a 91-year-old woman in Ballard.

It’s Human Roulette. Whom are they going to get next?

Our news partners at KIRO 7 TV had a report about yet another prolific offender. This one was exposing himself to women working at a boutique in Ballard. He was arrested and released three days later. So what did he do? He went back to the same business to sexually harass the women again.

There is a certainty with these prolific offenders.

Have we really gone this crazy? As one of the business owners interviewed by KIRO 7 TV said, it’s a catch-and-release policy, like fishing. And now that I have been fishing in the waters of Sitka, I can confirm that this is true.

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