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Iran war protest
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Ross: U.S. is far too eager for another Middle East war

Protesters in Washington D.C., speaking out against the possibility of a war in Iran. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

It looks like the war with Iran will have to wait, and it’s strange to see, isn’t it?

Ross: White House making same mistakes all over again with Iran

People who stand ready to impeach the President seem to admire last week’s decision to countermand his own order to attack Iran. Instead, it’s his knee jerk supporters calling him “weak.”

I know there is some dispute about the reasons and the timing, but the fact remains he didn’t shoot. Since he campaigned on no more stupid wars, I score that as a promise kept.

The big surprise was how many Republicans were ready for a shooting war in the Middle East, when we’re still paying for the last one.

Radio host Hugh Hewitt scolded the President saying, “Weakness is provocative.”

But since when is the United States weak? Who’s going to go up against the U.S. military? On top of that, American civilians own 393 million guns, which is three times as many as the rest of the world’s armies combined.

Is the USA starting ‘a peace’ with Iran?

But I realize Iran may take the president’s change of heart as a green light to shoot down more drones. So if that’s the way they want it, and if Iran now feels free to shoot down our drones to demonstrate defiance, let’s not send our most expensive ones.

Let’s send the older models we were going to scrap anyway. Maybe build a few out of wood. Then if Iran wants to empty its missile arsenals making splinters, we won’t have to sabotage their launch computers.

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