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Dori: Why hire unarmed cops when we desperately need armed officers?

(Matt Pitman, KIRO Radio)

As I’ve long said, we need more cops on the streets of Seattle.

There is crime everywhere. There are open drug dens. Our homeless encampments are being compared to some of the worst slums in developing countries.

But Seattle being Seattle, the city is thinking of adding more cops — unarmed cops.

The city wants to bring back the Community Service Officers program, which began in the 1970s and ended in 2004.

Seattle police exit interviews should convince Durkan of hiring crisis

This is part of that socialist Marxist police-hating ideology I’ve been warning you about. They hate organized police departments and they hate officers having guns.

It’s unbelievable. Why would you hire unarmed cops? If they see a dangerous situation, they cannot intervene. What if they come across a homeless guy with a gun who is robbing his fellow homeless people? What if they come across a domestic violence knife attack, like the one in Northgate earlier this year?

If you can hire a dozen Community Service Officers, why can’t you hire regular cops? Why in the world wouldn’t you just hire 12 more police officers and give them all the tools that they should have?

How much will it cost us to hire 12 unarmed cops who cannot enforce laws? Oh, just $1.3 million. I don’t think they’re going to pay these officers $100,000 each, so how much of that money is getting swallowed up by the city of Seattle’s corrupt machine of bureaucracy?

At a time when crime is as bad as it is, and you have violence in these homeless encampments, the idea of cops who are not allowed to enforce laws is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard of. But that is the level of idiocy — the “Idiocracy” — that is running our region right now.

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