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Dori: Bus rider who punched medic helping him had CA criminal history

King County Metro bus in downtown Seattle. (King County Metro)

A medic responded to a homeless shelter in downtown Seattle a few days ago after a 27-year-old homeless guy, Seth Moreno, had a seizure on a King County Metro bus.

As KIRO 7 TV reported, Moreno allegedly tried to run away from medics, out into traffic, and when they tried to stop him, he allegedly punched in the face a medic who was helping him.

Moreno has a long criminal history, including convictions of crimes such as petty theft and use of a controlled substance. He was taken to Harborview first because he had swallowed heroin, but then was booked into King County Jail.

The Seattle Police Department is dramatically understaffed. What is going to happen when we don’t have enough cops? What’s going to happen when we don’t have medics who can respond to seizures on buses?

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It turns out that most of Moreno’s crimes were committed in … California. Wait, so he is not one of our childhood neighbors fallen on hard times? Nope — the word is out that the best place in America to be a drug addict is Seattle. It is the city that is allowing the evil to destroy itself from within.

In nearby Portland, the mayor is claiming that he never ordered the police to stand down during a street protest that turned violent and included an attack on conservative journalist Andy Ngo. The police union has released a statement saying that the mayor lied. They had clearly been given a stand-down order from the city.

That is part of the strategy — anarchy in the streets. Cops are no longer a factor. A medic gets punched in Seattle. A journalist gets attacked in Portland.

They’re taking down Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. One by one, every Left Coast, Left-wing city will be destroyed.

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