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Introducing the WSECU & KIRO Radio Hometown Hero: Michelle McLean

SPONSORED — Inspiring her Tacoma community to give back comes naturally to Michelle McLean. She spends her free time impacting those around her with a contagiously positive outlook and dreams of making people’s lives better.

Leading community home makeovers has become a “passion project” for McLean throughout the past few years.

“I thought of the home makeover idea when I was listing a friend’s rental property. I got to know the renter while doing open houses, and really liked them (the family). She was a single mom with four boys and was on Section 8,” McLean said.

“While they were waiting for their apartment, the idea came to me to do a home makeover and furnish their apartment as a surprise. I rallied teams for each room (including teams for new clothes, food, toiletries) and everyone showed up on move in day. They were so surprised – it was the most amazing day ever!”

McLean exemplifies the power of connecting and giving back. Last summer, Michelle organized a community home makeover for two Fircrest grandparents who are currently raising seven grandchildren. McLean recruited friends, colleagues, local businesses, strangers and even the local fire department to create a new, functional home for the family.

Through her network of contacts, McLean and her volunteers spent six weeks completely transforming the home and creating a new, safe, and functional home for the children to thrive in, and for the grandparents to enjoy.

For McLean, community home makeovers turn her favorite pastimes into incredible act of service.

McLean said, “When you find something you love to do, you will give so much more! I love homes, giving presents, connecting with people… so a community home makeover is the perfect fit for me. I can’t get enough of them.”

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