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Feedback Friday, Dori
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Dori Monson’s Feedback Friday — Jay Inslee wouldn’t fix your toilet

(KIRO Radio)

Welcome to Dori’s Feedback Friday feature, where we collect a sampling of comments received over email and Facebook on various topics throughout the week. Want the chance to have your comments included in Feedback Friday? Send your thoughts about any show topics via email or the Dori Monson Facebook page.

Bob Ferguson sues over NAS Whidbey jet noise

A long time when I lived in New Mexico, someone called the New Mexico Air Guard to complain about their noise. The major of the Air Guard asked if there was a red star on the tail of the jet. The caller said no. The Major replied, “It looks like we are doing our job.”

– Brad via Facebook

Please pardon our noise — it’s the sound of freedom. NAS Whidbey veteran here.

– Jim via Facebook

We live across the water on Camano. My heart beats faster with pride with every jet I hear roar and every eagle I see soar. Beautiful.

– Regan on Camano

What should a new Seattle flag look like?

The new Seattle flag should be an overhead view with the space needle as a hypodermic needle, EMP made of a giant piece of human feces, with all of it surrounded by tents, and socialist and communist propaganda.

– Justin via Facebook

Crossed syringes over a hammer and sickle.

– Jeffrey in Seattle

Maybe a big burning pile of money with the city council standing behind it?

– Paul in Bothell

We should just fly a blue tarp.

– Eric in Mukilteo


– Greg in Seattle

No flag. The very existence of flags are oppressive, racist and sexist to someone.

– Chris via Facebook

A civil political conversation with Gov. Locke

Great discussion with Gary Locke. Please have him back. See? We can have a discussion without agreeing on everything! Good job, Dori.

– Kathryn in Gig Harbor

Gary is a true friend

I doubt Jay Inslee will ever offer to fix your toilet.

– Gary in Kingston

Love the show

Dori, you are right on with the news on city politics and national media. I so much enjoy your comments and views. God bless you!

– Rossi in Mountlake Terrace

Hi Dori, thank you for saying everything I am usually too afraid to talk about in Seattle and with my friends. I really appreciate your show so much!

– Darcie in Seattle

Wants to shout his Dori-applause from the rooftops 

Hi Dori, my name is Michael. I just want to say that you put the biggest smile on my face. I’m a newer listener — I’ve only been listening for about a week — and you are my new favorite show on the radio. Actually, you’re the only show I listen to on the radio. Your stance on politics and everything you say is pretty much the exact same thing I am thinking. I just wish that everybody across the nation and that all these politicians could hear what you’re saying. You’re saying things that I wish I could shout from the rooftops about the state of our country, the state of our city, and the state of our local government. You are so spot-on, and my favorite part about you is that you’re not afraid to say what everybody else is thinking. I just really wanted to show you all the praise that you deserve. I love your show, you are the man. Keep up the fantastic work, and I’ll keep listening.

– Michael in Mountlake Terrace

Accusations of fake news

You made comments about the Dalai Lama on your show regarding a comment he made about ‘a woman replacement if she was hot.’ First, you should have done a bit more research — you would find he was making a parody of our president. He does have a sense of humor. You referred to him as a charlatan. He is a very respected spiritual leader . There are millions of Buddhists in the US. It is not a nationality, if you are confused; it is a religion. He lives very modestly. I don’t believe you are an ignorant person, however, your comments were ignorant. I hope you do just a minute of research and apologize. It is a hit to your credibility.

– Richard in DuPont

Hey, just want to request that you stop spreading fake news. When you were talking about the Democratic primary candidates, you noted how Bernie Sanders was a bum who slept on his mom’s couch til he was 40. Wrong, wrong, wrong. He went to college in Chicago and was very politically active. Then he moved to Vermont and remained politically active, eventually becoming mayor in his 30s.

– Matt in Seattle

Kamala Harris and busing

You are always complaining about the Left-wing media lying or distorting the truth. When you were railing against Kamala Harris and busing, you stated that her claim to have been bused was probably not true. I looked it up. It turns out some far-Right media outlet spread that rumor, and it is completely false; she was indeed bused as a child. But because of your show, many are left with the impression that she is a liar. Will you have the courage to correct your mistake on-air? If not, you are doing exactly what you accuse your political opponents of doing … and it is very hypocritical.

– David in Seattle

Hi Dori, you are entertaining, but it is difficult to take you seriously at times. Kamala Harris did not call Biden a racist, she specifically said she did not believe he was a racist at the beginning of her statement. Shame on you! In my opinion, the politicians today are all less than desirable; it does not matter if they are Democrats or Republicans.

Have a fantastic weekend!

– D.

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