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Antifa members allegedly dox, follow library protest mom with baseball bat

Antifa members gather at a rally held by Patriot Prayer in Portland, Ore., on Saturday, June 30, 2018. (Mark Graves/The Oregonian via AP)

A local mom who has been protesting Pride month drag queen events at the King County Library System said that the Seattle chapter of far-Left group Antifa has been targeting her group of concerned parents with threats and online doxing.

The trouble, she said, started after the Renton Library Teen Pride event that Meagher has dubbed the “Renton Teen Sex Expo.” Meagher previously told the Dori Monson Show that at the event, which was marketed as suitable for “teens and tweens” by the library itself, condoms and lube were handed out to kids who appeared to be as young as 10, young people were given information about sex acts, gift cards for chest binders were raffled off, and drag queens performed dances with explicit lyrics and moves that can be viewed here (warning: sexually explicit material).

King County Library System spokesperson Sarah Thomas told Dori that the event was chosen and organized by the library’s Teen Voices program, and that the library feels it is important to hold events that reflect the diversity of its King County patrons.

As Meagher had previously explained, the library told any parents not accompanying teens that they had to leave for the last two hours of the event, which took place after the library’s normal operating hours. When the moms refused to leave, the library called the police to escort them out of the library.

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It was at this point that four Antifa members confronted them in the parking lot.

“We were surrounded by four very threatening men dressed in black, blowing whistles at us nonstop, yelling at us that they were videoing us, that they were taking our picture, that our names were going on Twitter, and that they were going to find us,” she said. “It was extremely threatening.”

While Meagher and her friend had just been escorted out of the library by Renton police, the officers did not walk across the parking lot during the Antifa altercation.

“We believe that they saw this happening, and yet they didn’t make one move to come over and intervene or protect us,” she said.

Instead, Meagher had to call 911. The officers who responded to the call asked the Antifa members to go back into the library. This was the same library that had just told the moms they were not welcome because they were not accompanying teens.

“They let the Antifa guys go into the library, but we weren’t allowed to go back into the library, because apparently Antifa was safer than we were,” she said. “These were not parents, these were Antifa members.”

The conflict did not end there. The moms soon found themselves being doxed on Antifa websites and social media accounts. Doxing is a practice in which group publishes another person’s name, address, phone number, employer, children’s school, and any other information that could help them find and target that person.

After a KCLS board meeting on June 26 in Issaquah, in which public commentators spoke for and against drag queen library events, Meagher said that a group of about 10 Antifa members, all of them large men, followed the women in her group into the parking lot.

“These are Antifa thugs, and one of them had a baseball bat,” she said.

When police arrived, they took the person with the baseball bat into custody.

On its Facebook page, Emerald City Antifa claimed that conservative group the Proud Boys showed up to the event carrying guns and intimidating people.

After conservative group MassResistance posted about the incident on its Facebook page, Burien City Council Krystal Marx responded with a laughing face emoji. Meagher confronted her on Facebook.

“She didn’t apologize,” Meagher said. “She said she found that we were amusing and that our point of view was laughable, and that we were the ones harming people, and that basically, we deserved what we got.”

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