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Seattle’s July 4th ranking and our MyNorthwest Fourth of July quiz

(Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

If you’re going to go out for the Fourth of July holiday, you couldn’t do much better than Seattle, which was recently ranked among the top 20 cities in America to celebrate Independence Day.

The website WalletHub crunched some numbers to find out the best cities in which to celebrate the Fourth of July. In the Northwest, Seattle is the top destination — from the quality of attractions to local fireworks shows. But nationally, the city just makes it into the top 20.

  • Seattle: 16th Seattle gets a safety ranking of 8; a 4 for attractions and activities; and is 17th for the quality of Independence Day celebrations. Seattle, however, also ranks at 100 for affordability. So while the offerings are great, you’re gonna likely pay for them.
  • Boise: 28th Safety may not be as high in Boise than Seattle with a ranking of 49, but it’s far more affordable (48th). The quality of celebrations is ranked at 35th and attractions are 50th in the nation.
  • Portland: 43rd Portland’s biggest selling point is its ranking for attractions and activities — 12th. Things go downhill from there. It ranks at 57th for safety, 60th for affordability, and 82nd for its quality of Fourth of July Celebrations.

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What influences all these rankings? You can check out WalletHub for a complete methodology, but in short, experts weighted factors from the price of beer and wine to hotel costs, and even if fireworks are banned or not. If there is an official fireworks show, they added up how long they were. Walkability, crime and DUI rates also were considered.

In case you’re wondering, New York is rated as the best city to celebrate the Fourth of July. But one could argue that with the Statue of Liberty and all that, ya know, history, it has an unfair advantage. And stay away from San Bernardino, Calif. — the absolute worst city to spend the Fourth of July.

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