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What are the best movies to watch for Independence Day?

(MyNorthwest, Unsplash)

Let’s be honest, one of the best reasons to celebrate Independence Day is the movies. And when the holiday lines up with a long weekend, you got yourself a patriotic movie marathon.

Sure, there’s the fireworks and honoring the legacy of the United States of America. But it could be argued that one of the greatest legacies is that of American innovation, which is magnificently evident in one of our greatest exports — the film industry. Through the light show in our living rooms, we can celebrate some of the greatest works of art, and stories of the USA, the nation has contributed to the world.

Seattle history captured in ’70s and ’80s Hollywood movies

With more than 100 years of material, there’s plenty to choose from. Some may head to the battlefield with Private Ryan then watch Glory. The Right Stuff and Hidden Figures are inspiring options, as is Top Gun (in its own way). There’s An American Tail if you got kids. The John Adams mini series is a lengthy choice, but worth the time. Though, National Treasure is a more adventurous journey through American history. Or maybe it’s just simple nostalgia and The Sandlot is all you need.

Personally, I’m partial to Independence Day and Captain America: The First Avenger.

Which movie do you prefer to watch amid the Fourth of July holiday? Take our poll below. Don’t see your favorite Independence Day film? Tell us in the comments below.

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