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Calling all football fans: follow Russell on the road

Take your Northwest spirit that we’re known for on the road this season with Alaska Airlines.

With flights to all the away games and the most nonstop flights from Seattle, Alaska Airlines will get you to all the games and back home again.

Alaska Airlines offers 1,200 daily flights to 115 destinations across the US and travel to more than 900 destinations worldwide with global travel partners.

Enjoy the comforts of the Alaska Airlines in-flight experience, boosting of fresh ingredients like Beecher’s Cheese and premium wines and craft beers.

Watch nearly 500 movies and TV shows on your own device and power up with outlets at your seat, stay in touch with free chat on most flights and cut down the wait with the 20 minute baggage guarantee.

Get aboard Alaska Airlines and follow Russell on the road.

Date Destination Make Plans
September 15, 2019 Pittsburgh, PA Book it
September 29, 2019 Glendale, AZ Book it
October 13, 2019 Cleveland, OH Book it
October 27, 2019 Atlanta, GA Book it
November 11, 2019 San Francisco, CA Book it
November 24, 2019 Philadelphia, PA Book it
December 8, 2019 Los Angeles, CA Book it
December 15, 2019 Charlotte, NC Book it


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