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Top 5 food and drink podcasts

SPONSORED — Whether you consider yourself a food connoisseur or someone who simply loves to try novel flavors, there are many ways to discover trends, learn about classics or uncover a tasty dish that’s new to you.

A great way is through podcasts. As with TV shows, there are as many podcasts as there are interests. Food and beverage podcasts run the gamut, from sharing recipes to reviewing restaurants to discussing celebrity faves.

Here are the top five food and beverage podcasts you should check out.

“Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle”

If you’ve ever wanted to know what actor William Shatner, public figure Maria Shriver, saxophonist Kenny G, and other famous personalities would eat for their last meal, look no further than “Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle.”

This 2018 James Beard Award nominee for Best Podcast takes a look at not only what musicians, producers, actors, and other celebs would eat for their last meal, but delves into each dish’s origins, its preparation and the cultural influences that have made the dish what it is today.

“Cask Club Radio”

For beverage aficionados, Cask Club Radio offers an in-depth look into the history of America’s favorite spirits, as well as commentary on trends in alcohol, current events in the world of whiskey, spirits in the public eye and terminology you need to know when ordering cocktails.

Focusing on trends across a broad spectrum of the market, Justin and Lydia discuss how those trends are impacting other parts of our lives collectively from the perspective of a small producer.

Catch up on news about a new Beauty and the Beast themed bar at Disney, a ruling against a gin called Unicorn Tears, and a man who decided to drink only beer for Lent. “Cask Club Radio” offers an entertaining and informative weekly show with an eye toward enjoying alcohol and understanding how trends influence what people drink.

“Gravy Podcast”

Whether you love Southern food or want to learn more about it, “Gravy Podcast” offers insight into historical and cultural influences that have shaped Southern food and how both trendsetting restaurants and old-school institutions thrive in an area steeped in tradition and history.

Episodes of “Gravy Podcast” explain what a menu can tell you about the identity of a restaurant, explore how cookbooks can be vehicles of social change, and delve into the origins of Coca-Cola and how it helped shape the South.

“Burnt Toast”

Not just for bread-lovers, “Burnt Toast” takes you on a tour of food trends around the world as well as the science behind baking and why people are willing to wait in hours-long lines for baked goods.

The podcast focuses on real-life anecdotes about subjects you can relate to (anyone else sweat while eating spicy food?), offers practical advice on cooking and tasting, and draws on experienced chefs and bakers who know a thing or two about food and are excited to share their knowledge.


Part comedy routine, part restaurant review, “Doughboys” features comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger as they review fast food, fast casual and sit-down restaurants with a banter that will keep you laughing.

Each podcast features a different restaurant chain, from P.F. Chang’s to Waffle House to Ben & Jerry’s, and hosts weekly guest comedians, with past guests including Scott Aukerman, Sarah Silverman, and D’Arcy Carden.

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