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12 Days of Goodness

For seniors who are alone, the holiday season can be an especially hard time of year. In fact, close to 60% of seniors who live alone or in care facilities receive no regular visitors.

From December 12th – 24th, Answers for Elders is inspiring football fans to give at least one act of kindness to a senior during the 12 Days of Goodness.

During the 12 Days of Goodness, Answers for Elders will partner with the NFL Alumni Association and its Pro Football Legends organization to bring friendship, memories and cheer to seniors in key NFL cities across the country.

Seahawks legends will make appearances throughout the Puget Sound to reach out to seniors and keep them company. Just last year, 10 Seahawks’ alumni visited nine senior communities last December, creating memories that would last a lifetime, and bringing cheer to entire communities.

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