Spady: It’s time to vote so Seattle can change for the better

Jul 19, 2019, 5:47 AM | Updated: 6:01 am


Saul Spady paints his fingers to show, with pride, that he voted. (Saul Spady, KTTH)

(Saul Spady, KTTH)

It’s time to vote. Our ballots are arriving for the Seattle City Council primary, and it is time to shed the ideological labels that have constrained our city for too long. It is time to accept the backlash you’ll get from your loud friends and family members by advocating for “dangerous moderates.” This is much more important.

Seattle council candidate’s solution for homelessness

It is time to out yourself to the world as someone who wants new politicians in our region — as someone who wants fiscally responsible, transparent and accountable leaders who will listen to your concerns.

You need to vote. We’ve been talking about the rational opposition on the Saul Spady Show for six months. Now, it’s time to stop talking and start bubbling in your ballot. Each and every one of you. There are no excuses. If you live outside of Seattle, please encourage the friends and family you know who do live in the city that it’s their responsibility to vote. If they are sick and tired of the addiction crisis ravaging our region, if they are tired of their increasing taxes without accountability, if they are tired of virtue-signaling politicians who don’t care one bit about the homeless families in our community — we all need to vote.

I’m not saying we need to come out as Trump supporters, or Trump haters. Let’s save that for 2020 (trust me you’ll need your energy). I want us to take 2019 to talk with our neighbors about the problems that effect us locally and the politicians who have refused to join the conversation. It is their lack of attention, elitism and refusal to see the truth that has dramatically decreased public safety in our region. I want us to discuss solutions.

I want us to support local politicians who have fresh ideas, the boldness to fight corruption, and who aren’t afraid to defend fiscal responsibility at city hall.

No one wants to see our region struggle. No one wants to feel unsafe in the streets. But we do. This is because Mayor Jenny Durkan, the Seattle City Council, and King County Executive Dow Constantine won’t acknowledge the danger, addiction, and trafficking that is exploding out of the encampments across our region.

Just look at some local headlines from the past weekend:

  • “Shooting in Queen Anne leaves man with life-threatening injuries”
  • “Police investigating a fatal stabbing of a 25 year old woman at Cal Anderson Park”
  • “A homeless Seattle man accused of luring teenagers with drugs and raping them”

How did our mayor respond to this? With a virtue-signal. She “decried Trump’s proposed ICE raids.” She ignored what’s happening right in front of her yet again and pretended that evil members of Trump’s administration were coming to our city to deport lawful immigrants. She refuses to acknowledge that every day the citizens of her city are being attacked.

Our politicians have constructed an unbreakable echo-chamber to conceal themselves from your comments and your cries for help. Well no more. We can break it down with our vote. We will demand that our leaders listen to us.

Your ballots have arrived. Go home and vote. This is my plea to you. I want you to paint your finger when you’ve finished voting. Use a Sharpie or whatever you can find, and color your finger as a symbolic representation of your vote. Show it to your friends and post on social media to encourage them to do the same. We can start a movement. We must stand-up and be the loudest and the proudest that we have ever been. Together, I promise you, we will take back our city!

FBI investigates threats against Seattle council candidate

We are not alone. There are clear signs that change is coming. When Ann Davison Sattler was first on the show, no one thought she would win. Since then, she has knocked on thousands of doors, responded to every single message she has received on Facebook and now The Seattle Times — mainstream Seattle media — has endorsed her over incumbent Debora Juarez in District 5.

Don’t lose faith Seattle. This is happening. The rational opposition is stepping up. It’s time to vote!

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Spady: It’s time to vote so Seattle can change for the better