Ross: The immigrant mothers at the border who chose life

Senator Chuck Schumer visits a holding facility at the US-Mexico border, July 2019. (Senator Chuck Schumer Twitter)

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer recently decided to visit the US-Mexico border to see the refugee crisis for himself. He says border officials held nothing back.

“They let us see whatever we wanted to see,” Schumer said.

“It’s been a very very difficult day,” he said, moved by the experience. “To see these people, particularly the children, treated in such inhumane conditions, just tears at your heart strings and really makes you feel awful.”

When President Trump heard about Schumer’s visit, he immediately tweeted that he wants to set up a meeting with the senator ASAP.

No need for a census, the info was there all along

But their meeting won’t go anywhere, as long as the president’s supporters see these children as pawns who are being used by their mothers to cheat their way into the United States.

Which is why I think that when Schumer meets with the president he should frame the issue differently. It may be uncomfortable for him as a liberal, but he should point out that these refugee children are the children of mothers … who chose life. These are mothers who found themselves pregnant, in desperate circumstances. And yet they chose life, and having made that choice, could not imagine raising those children places where they could be killed at any moment.

If the president and his supporters were to see the refugees that way – it might change everything. Those mothers would no longer be a threat – they’d be role models.

Where are the people who love America unconditionally?