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TV station may have answer for Trump’s deportation plans

If a President Trump decided to use information from the IRS, his Deportation Force would know exactly where to go, KIRO Radio's Dave Ross explains. (AP)

This could be the answer Donald Trump’s been searching for.

I’m fascinated by Donald Trump’s idea for rounding up the country’s 11 million undocumented immigrants.

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But he won’t say publicly exactly how he’d track these people down. Going door-to-door demanding birth certificates probably wouldn’t fly.

But a TV station may have discovered a practical way to pull it off.

Last week, WTHR in Indianapolis, aired a report revealing that the IRS has been deliberately covering up the identities of people who file their taxes using stolen social security numbers, which is how illegal immigrants are able to get hired.

According to whistle blowers, the IRS recognizes a ripped off number right away because their computers check it. But you know what they do about it? Nothing! In part because they want the taxes from those illegal workers that amount to about $12 billion a year.

But now think about it: because these tax returns have names and addresses, this means the IRS basically has a directory of every illegal tax-paying worker in the United States.

If a President Trump decided to use that information, his Deportation Force would know exactly where to go, and would have all the proof it needs to make charges stick &#8212 tax returns are signed under penalty of perjury.

I have no idea if he’s seen this report, but someone might want to bring it up at one of his town halls and just ask him if he’d use IRS records to round up illegal workers.

Then we’d know how serious he is.

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