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Anna Rohrbough
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Anna Rohrbough preparing to fight ‘crooked’ mayor in Snohomish council race

(Courtesy of Anna Rohrbough)

Anna Rohrbough was the lone Republican on the primary ballot for Snohomish County Council District 2. She’s therefore not surprised she took in a considerable share of the votes, with the other seven candidates splitting the remaining Democratic-leaning voters.

Rohrbough is now preparing to go up against one of a handful of Democratic candidates — vote counts as of Wednesday were too close to call. One of those candidates Rohrbough believes she will likely face off with is Mulkiteo Mayor Jennifer Gregerson. And in a way, that gives Rohrbough hope.

“There is no way I am not going to win against the mayor,” Rohrbough told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “She is too crooked; she has robbed her citizens of money. She doesn’t care about the taxpayer, she only cares about her political future. I know that message has been pretty clear.”

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As more votes are counted over Wednesday, the field of candidates is further being narrowed down to two, with Rohrbough definitely taking one spot. It seems that either Gregerson and activist Megan Dunn are among the field of potential candidates for the other place on the November ballot.

“I have no desire to run against either one of them,” Rohrbough said. “…. I see both of them in the same ideology camp. I think this race comes down to ideology … they both stand for taking things away from us. Taking away personal property rights, our cars, even our voice – you see that in the media. And I stand for giving things back to us.”

“It’s the people and not the government that has solutions,” she added. “We got to give the power back to people; it’s not the government that comes up with answers. I believe in creating opportunities, and I believe in supporting businesses that support employees and residents in our counties. And I don’t believe in redistribution of wealth.”

The Republican candidate plans to emphasize that sentiment when she tackles what see sees as two primary issues in Snohomish County — crime/homelessness, and property rights/taxes.

“My message is so non-partisan,” she said. “But I have to say, it has to be the criminal part of homelessness and the impact we are seeing on city streets with needles and increased crimes; property values and property rights … lately, door-belling and talking with people, the idea of their property taxes increasing … that’s going to put people out of their homes.”

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