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Dori: New speaker plays to the liberal masses with state income tax talk

Taxes. (Chris Potter, Flickr)

Seven times the voters of Washington state have been presented with a state income tax proposal. And seven times the voters have said no.

We all know what will happen. Just look at the sales tax. When I was a kid, it was 4.5 percent. Now it’s over 10 percent in many places. They just keep raising it higher and higher, squeezing more and more money out of us. Look at what’s happened with property taxes. They have absolutely skyrocketed, with some people paying thousands more a year than they did just a few years ago.

Every time we give the state government a new tax toy, they can’t wait to play with it to its fullest. That means raising the tax as high as they can, on as many people as they can.

And if you think it’s not a problem because the voters will never approve an income tax — guess what? We gave the Democrats control in Olympia. What are they doing? They are talking again about a state income tax. That is still their holy grail — what they want more than anything on Earth.

Analyst says Seattle wants SCOWA to pass income tax because voters won’t

Why? It’s because liberal politicians love to punish high-achievers. They need to take from the high-achievers and give it to the people working minimum-wage jobs. That’s how they win votes — by promising the minimum-wage workers that they will take from the rich and give to them.

Rep. Laurie Jinkins (D-Tacoma), who is set to be the new speaker of the Washington State House of Representatives, told TVW that she does not want to take the topic of an income tax “off the table.” The only topic she wants to take off the table, she said, is white nationalism.

Is that all it takes to get street cred these days? If the Democrats can work those two words — income tax and white nationalism — into any conversation, they can get support from anyone on the Left.

So there you have it — the Legislature is trying to find ways around Article VII of the Washington State Constitution. A graduated income tax is clearly unconstitutional in Washington. The loophole is, they will start with the exact same tax rate on every person. But even that can be crippling. Think of a middle-class person. What about kids just out of college making $40,000 a year?  The state is going to take $2,500 a year from them?

Money is the politicians’ drug. The addiction of the heroin junkies on the streets of Seattle is nothing compared to Democrat politicians’ addiction to our money.

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