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Feedback Friday, Dori
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Could regulations for farming tools be coming?

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Issaquah High gets rid of honor cords

Recently I saw on Facebook Dori’s comments in regards to an Issaquah High School parent complaining about the new policy of no cords or adornment at graduation. The parent failed to mention the second email from the principal. Get your story straight. And yes, I have a child at IHS who would have worn an honors cord … and he couldn’t care less. His achievement is in what he does after high school. I’d be happy to share the rest of the story — the full story.

– Cortney in Issaquah

13-year-old knew what she was doing

Young Chad, at the age of 7, got a hold of a bright orange can of spray paint and proceeded to paint the back of his father’s tent trailer. Now, did that 7-year-old know what he was doing? You bet your button I did! And from what I remember, I had fun doing it too … until Dad found out.

– Chad in Ellensburg

Repeat offender attacks woman with pitchfork in Ballard

Pitchfork control! We need new laws on farm implements and possession by non-farmers!

– Gene via Facebook

I never thought Ballard would ever join the ranks of Third and Pike, Rainier Beach, the Central District, White Center, and Pioneer Square, but now it’s officially a no-go zone.

– Blane in Seattle

Inslee not only one with blood on hands

How much blood does Trump have on his hands when it comes to his love affair with guns? Not to mention with his constant stoking the language of hate to incite violence. Does it bother you when Trump constantly uses taxpayer dollars to promote rallies for his presidential campaign? At least Inslee has a great message to impart. I’m happy he is out there speaking about our planet. God bless him. Can Agent Orange do anything wrong in your opinion?

– Diane in Minnesota

Thanks for covering King County Sheriff’s Office drama

I want to say thanks for the coverage on the dysfunction within KCSO. Sheriff Johanknecht and Undersheriff Somers make it impossible to effectively conduct business and are incapable of making decisions. I was hired as a lateral deputy some time ago and have recruited people from my old department to KCSO. With the way things are, I cannot in good conscious continue to say this is the premier agency in this region, nor recruit good officers because of what’s happening. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

– Anonymous

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