Dori: Seattle Green New Deal a big step toward communism

Aug 15, 2019, 2:57 PM

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A coal fired power plant. (AP)


I want to make sure you know what is in this Seattle Green New Deal that the Seattle City Council passed earlier this week.

The King County Council is expected to pass a similar deal because they want to reorder all of us into a government-controlled economy. They want to fundamentally destroy capitalism. I am not exaggerating at all. I do know that economies run in cycles, and we are setting ourselves up for disaster during the next cyclical downturn with these measures.

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Let me read to you a CliffsNotes version of the Green New Deal that just passed (for the full text, click here.) I’ve seen the City Council pass some far-Left measures over the years, but even I was stunned at how radical this one is.

First of all, they’re going to set up a 16-member Seattle Green New Deal Oversight Board, along with staff. So right there — a bunch more six-figure jobs that we’re funding. But take a look at who must be on that board.

The 16 appointed members shall be comprised of the following:
1. Eight members of communities directly impacted by racial, economic, and environmental injustices. One of these members should be a tribal member. Two of these members should be between the ages of 16 and 25 at the time of their appointment (Positions 1 through 8);
2. Three representatives of organizations engaged in environmental justice work (Positions 9 through 11);
3. Two representative of labor unions (Position 12 and 13); and
4. Three individuals with depth of experience in greenhouse gas reduction and climate resiliency strategy relevant to cities and their residents, in fields such as public health, infrastructure, sea level rise, or extreme weather events (Positions 14 through 16).

So we’re going to turn over the re-ordering of our local economy to children, labor unions, and people impacted by injustice. It sounds like only three of the people on the board will actually have any expertise in green energy strategies. “Environmental justice work” is just a word salad made up of words you’re not allowed to criticize. If only three of the 16 are in the field, then you know this isn’t about climate change.

To achieve this vision, the City commits to creating a Green New Deal for Seattle, with the following goals:

A. Make Seattle free of climate pollutants, meaning those that cause shifts in climate patterns, including carbon dioxide, black carbon, methane, nitrogen oxides, and fluorinated gases, by 2030.

That literally means that we can’t have humans by the year 2030. Humans emit CO2 when we breathe out. And I won’t be specific about when we emit methane, but it’s certainly something we do.

Given current and historic oppression that has resulted in specific communities bearing the greatest environmental, racial, and economic inequities, the City is committed to centering the following frontline communities in further work around a Green New Deal for Seattle: Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, immigrants and refugees, low and no income people, houseless people, disabled people, LGBTQ+ people, youth, vulnerable elders, and people who work in outdoor occupations. Acknowledging the displacement and historical and current oppression of Native people, the City will explore the creation of Free, Prior, and Informed consent policies with federally recognized tribal nations.

None of this is even marginally about saving the planet. It is about reordering our economy — taking money from taxpayers to give to all of the above groups.

The City seeks to create a fund and establish dedicated progressive revenue sources for its Green New Deal, along with an associated accountability body, that will be used to make investments in communities, prioritizing those impacted the most by economic, racial, and environmental injustice, and ensuring that those most impacted are centered in policies and empowered to make decisions.

That means massive taxation. The highest achievers, the hardest workers will be taxed so that their money can be given to the oppressed groups … all in the name of the planet.

Energy for heating, cooling, and powering buildings accounted for more than one-third of Seattle’s greenhouse gas emissions in 2016. The City supports efforts to limit construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure in Seattle and King County, and will continue to invest in programs and explore strategies to equitably increase building energy efficiency and decrease use of fossil fuels in homes.

The second house my wife and I bought had only a wood stove. It was a shack in the woods. We did have electric heaters, but we couldn’t afford them. It cost a fortune to heat our house via electricity. We have natural gas now — it’s very efficient. And this is what they want to eliminate.

The city also plans to “encourage the consumption of more plant-based foods and locally-produced foods.” So now they’re going to tell you what foods you should eat?

I do like this next idea though. The city wants to “make transit free, reliable, and widely accessible.” Free must mean there will be no taxes for transit. I can get behind this one.

Oh, wait … does free mean they are just going to tax other people to pay for it? I guess I’m still on the hook after all, then. Right now, every time someone rides a Sounder train from Everett to Seattle, they pay about $6 to $8. We the taxpayers pay $110 in subsidies for that ride.

This is nauseating. It’s designed to make people feel good, but does zero good. That is what we are all about now. It’s a cult that’s firmly entrenched in the public schools. Our children are anxiety-riddled because they’re told the world is going to end in 12 years.


It’s so that we can move toward a communist system of government and finance.

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Dori: Seattle Green New Deal a big step toward communism