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Unlike Jay Inslee, the birthdays will be back next year

(KIRO Radio)

Seattle is a sad place

Hi Dori, I really enjoy your Seahawks pre-game and post-game shows. I like the whole crew – Paul, Dave, Ray and the others. I also enjoyed way back when you and Steve Kelley hosted a sports show. Last Friday, I was shopping at the Arc’teryx store on Pike when two men entered the store, grabbed a bunch of expensive jackets, and ran out of the store into a waiting car. Apparently, this was a well planned robbery by the two thieves and two people waiting in the car. It was very unnerving. I don’t travel to Seattle very often and I’ll be traveling there even less now. I can’t believe how many people have flooded into Seattle. It was very sad seeing tents on the streets and people on the streets with untreated mental health problems.

– Mark in University Place

Jay’s big event in Iowa

Unlike Inslee, those birthdays will be back next year.

– Blane via Facebook

It’s like coming in second place … with only two contestants entered.

– Archie in Silverdale

The kid probably had more in attendance and more fun too.

– Dale in Pasco

My wife did a better presentation for our son’s third birthday party.

– Ryan via Facebook

This must be what a two-car funeral looks like.

– MyNorthwest comment

Green New Deal passed by Seattle City Council

Was this stat based in fact?

In reference to your “Seattle Green New Deal a big step toward communism” talk, can you please provide a source for the 16 committee members earning six-figure salaries? This would be outrageous and seems far-fetched to imagine. If it is indeed true, we should all be furious. The only information I can find that you may be referring to would be within the legislation stating, “A compensation rate of $50 per hour would be made available for members for whom participating on the Board would be a financial hardship.” Are you saying that this would be a full-time position earning a salary at the taxpayers’ expense? Can you please provide a reference to how often this committee would be meeting? I’m having a hard time finding information about the earned salary of each committee member.

– Charles in Seattle

The Earth is warming up

Dori, your diatribe about climate change was way off today. While the “weather” in our region has been slightly cooler than the 50-year average, the worldwide temperatures in July blew past the previous record.

To think humans don’t cause climate change is very closed-minded. Remember L.A. in the ’70s? Lake Washington in the ’60s? Yes, we put that much pollution into the atmosphere. The warm-up of the Earth is the fastest ever, with the exception of early volcanic activity and meteorological events.

– Jeff in Renton

$30 car tabs – yay or nay?

Go get ’em Dori! I love it when you eat a Progressive’s lunch!

– The 206

I like how he mentioned it was a Republican valuation schedule and Dori dismissed it.

– The 206

The person you had on your show opposing the $30 tab fee sounds as if he has no idea what this does to the average home income. My wife and I have lived in Washington for 60-plus years. We never thought taxes would get to this point. Our property taxes 40 years ago were $640 per year. Now they are $5,000-plus per year. Our income sure did not keep up with that kind of inflation.

– Ivey in Roy

I heard you talking about $30 tabs today for a minute. You’re upset that the price of tabs will go up to fund transit. I’m upset that people would choose to vote for $30 tabs when the way tabs used to be priced was perfect. If you had an older car, you paid a bit less. If you had a luxury car or sports car, you paid more. That was fair. The same price for everyone is stupid. If you can afford a $100,000 car, you can afford the, say, $400 “tax” on it (the cost of the tabs). If you can’t afford a fancy car, you get one you can afford (and note the cost of the $65 tabs you’ll need). It was one thing that was done correctly.

– Erica in Tukwila

LInX loss affects more than just King County

Thanks for covering the fact that King County is withdrawing from the LInX system. But on a larger note, this affects much more than just King County. This places other agencies and their officers, as well as members of the public all around Washington, in jeopardy, since King County will not be adding information to the system that agencies in other parts of the state would normally have access to.

– Concerned cop in Tumwater

Love from the Great White North

Love your show, Dori. I listen to you here on Vancouver Island. My nephew and his wife are both sergeants with the Washington State Patrol. I do appreciate your appreciation for law enforcement in general and absolutely share your sentiments. Our family is four generations of police officers, and I can’t think of a worse time to be a cop (especially in WA) than right now. Such a spineless government (city and state) is in power right now, with no end in sight. The pendulum is so far to the Left, it’s maddening. I commend you for the ability to uncover the truth of what’s going on, and the willingness to do this day after day. So a huge thank you from my friends and me here in the Victoria area, and from my family in Washington. Keep fighting the good fight, Dori. There are lots of us in your corner.

– Rod in Victoria, Canada

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