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Sound Transit, $318 million, Red Line
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Dori: Sound Transit gives $318 million of your money to ‘education’

(File, Associated Press)

The King County Council is getting a one-time windfall of $318 million from Sound Transit to spend on … education.

Ooh, this sounds efficient, doesn’t it? We give $318 million of our tax dollars to the most criminally corrupt public agency in the history of the United States, Sound Transit filters the money through its graft and inefficiency, and then they give it to the King County Council, which has special interests deciding how to spend it.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “My property taxes have gone up $2,500 the last couple of years ‘for the schools’ — and now I find out that part of the reason I have $400 car tabs is so that Sound Transit can give some of that to education. We thought Sound Transit was about transportation.”

That would be a reasonable thought process, but the one factor you left out is that you live in this region — where getting our money, taking advantage of us, and being as inefficient as possible with our dough is what government is all about.

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Here are my guesses of how the money will be spent, as I outlined in the following Tweet this weekend:

Of course, that’s not how I think it should be spent, but I’ll bet it will be something like that after Sound Transit and the far-Left King County Council run it through their filters. That’s your tax dollars at work.

But you know what? It’s for the children. Our public schools are cracker-jack, and our kids deserve the best.

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