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Mayor defends Islam, announces fear of young white men

The Mayor of Dallas not only defends Islam, but admits he's more afraid of young white men walking into theaters with guns. (AP)

Texas is among the states planning to fight any resettlement of Syrian refugees on the grounds that too many of them are Muslims who would morph into terrorists, and then we’re done for.

But not all Texas politicians are afraid.

The Mayor of Dallas, Mike Rawlings, who was re-elected last May with 75 percent of the vote, told MSNBC that linking these refugees to terrorism or demanding that the president use the phrase “Radical Islam” to describe ISIS makes no sense.

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“ISIS is no more Islamic than the Nazi senior staff was Christian,” Rawlings said.

The mayor has a point. Even though Hitler was born and baptized Catholic, and talked about how his Lord and Savior had summoned men to fight the Jews, somehow, none of my history books ever referred to Hitler as a radical Christian.

Though he’s not afraid of Syrian refugees, the Mayor of Dallas does admit there is a threat out there:

“I am more fearful of large gatherings of young white men that come into schools, theaters and shoot people up,” he said. “But we don’t isolate young white men on this issue.”

Yikes! I thought Donald Trump had a pair. But for the Mayor of Dallas to stand up in this political climate in the state of Texas, and not only defend Islam, but say he’s more scared of white men than Muslim refugees? That is brave.

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