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Boeing to hire hundreds of temp employees for 737 MAX

A Boeing 737 MAX. (AP)

Boeing is preparing to return the 737 MAX to service after months of the model being grounded across the globe. To accomplish this, the aerospace company is planning to hire hundreds of temporary workers.

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Hundreds of temps will be hired for Boeing’s Moses Lake location. They will focus on avionics technicians, electricians, aircraft mechanics, airframe and power plant mechanics. On top of the temporary work, Boeing plans to pay for housing and a meal allowance, according to a Boeing spokesperson.

Job openings will be posted here.

Boeing provided a statement to KIRO Radio Tuesday, further explaining its plans: “Our current plan calls for all airplanes stored outside Puget Sound to return to Seattle and Everett for delivery. We do not provide details on total airplanes or capacity at each site.”

The Seattle Times’ Dominic Gates reports that the company faces a big job once regulators finally allow the 737 MAX back in the air. All the planes and their engines will require maintenance after sitting since the planes were grounded in March. All grounded planes will be flown to Seattle and Everett for maintenance. Moses Lake will be used as a staging ground for work as well.

All the airplanes will have a software update to fix the glitch with the MCAS system, which has been largely blamed for two fatal crashes of the MAX. Those crashes led to the 737 MAX being grounded. Recent reports indicate that Boeing plans to have a fix ready by September. The company will submit that software fix to the Federal Aviation Administration for approval.

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Boeing’s statement further stated:

It is the FAA and other global aviation regulators that will determine when the 737 MAX returns to service, and we are working tirelessly to meet their requirements. We will submit our final certification package to the FAA once we have satisfied all of their requirements, which we currently estimate will occur on a timeframe to support an early fourth quarter return to service.

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