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Dori: WA government employees shirking duties bringing babies to work

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)

I saw a story on KING 5 about how an increasing number of Washington state government employees are taking their children to the office in the state’s “Infants to Work” program.

The program allows parents to bring babies up to 9 months old to work. It’s currently being expanded throughout different departments of state government.

I think this is one of the most ridiculous ideas ever — and that is really saying something, considering our government in Washington.

Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz said in the piece that she thinks it makes government employees more productive if they can have their children at work.

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I do not believe that for one second.

I absolutely do not believe people are more productive with their kids at work, because you’re giving some of your time and attention to your baby. If you’re taking care of your baby, you can’t truly be focused on your work.

And what about the childless coworkers? I’m really serious about this. I think childless coworkers get taken advantage of because they have to pick up the slack for coworkers who leave early. They have to listen to babies’ cries, they don’t have any free time of their own, yet their coworker has to go attend to an infant who is whining and teething.

I guess I’m just kind of old-fashioned. I think when you’re at work, you should be working. You should be dedicated. And government employees should especially be productive, since they’re being paid with our tax dollars.

When you’re with your family, put your phone away and be present for your kids. Be a mom, be a dad. That means not reading emails or doing any work. Likewise, when you’re at work, be a worker. You’ve agreed on a salary and your employer deserves your attention.

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