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Dori: Attorney general allegedly solicits funds from gov. employees

Attorney General Bob Ferguson. (AP)

I got an email from a teacher in the Shoreline School District who got a disturbing email from Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s reelection campaign. Keep in mind, this email came in on the teacher’s official school email account — a government email address.

August is a difficult month for fundraising. Despite that, I asked our team to set an ambitious goal this month of 1,000 contributions by the end of August … This election is far too important to be determined by dark money groups, so we’re fighting back with the combined grassroots strength of Washingtonians in all 39 counties across the state. But if we’re going to keep special interests from buying the Washington attorney general’s office, we need your support right now.

I find that so ironic. As we know, the Democratic Party has absolutely bought the attorney general’s office.

Bob Ferguson does not rule by the law. He does not rule by the Washington State Constitution. He rules by politics and social justice agendas. He is the most dangerous politician I have ever seen in my quarter-century on the air.

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I do indeed think that it is very inappropriate for him to be sending fundraising solicitation letters to government employees on their government email, when the Democrats have that kind of a closed loop for fundraising.

But who do we complain to — the attorney general? Yes, I’m sure that would get very far.

Plus, what is Ferguson worried about? Jay Inslee is running for governor again. Ferguson is going to run for attorney general. He’s got a D next to his name, so he is a shoe-in to be reelected in this state.

And yet, he is allegedly using government emails to solicit more money from people. That is some seriously sleazy behavior.

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