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Sean Spicer
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What, exactly, was Sean Spicer’s crime?

(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

Left-wing intolerance has infected every corner of American journalism — even the entertainment and sports pages. Kurt Bardella, writing for NBC, declared that naming Sean Spicer to the new cast of “Dancing With the Stars” has served to “undermine the pillars of our democracy.”

Condemning the TV show’s “Morally Bankrupt Edition” in USA Today, sports columnist Nancy Armour equated Sean Spicer to scandal-plagued pro athletes Ray Lewis and Lamar Odom, who were disgraced by an indictment for murder and a cocaine overdose in a brothel, respectively.

So what was Spicer’s crime? A rocky year as President Trump’s press secretary.

Armour also asked: “Were O.J. Simpson and Sean Hannity not available?” – as if Hannity’s outspoken support for the president somehow equates to Simpson’s likely guilt in cutting his wife’s throat. The intensity of liberal hatred for those who dissent from progressive principles has reached a level of intensity that’s not only insane, but dangerous.

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