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Spady: Equality means male Seahawks Dancers should show more skin

Members of the Sea Gals perform before a game at CenturyLink Field on November 7, 2016 in Seattle, Washington. (Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

At the Seahawks opening home game, the stadium was filled with a crackle of conversation during half time. It was centered not on the slow offense in the first half (par for the Hawks’ course) but the brand new mixed-gender Seahawks dance team.

Sorry, but we don’t serve your ideology here

The Seahawks Dancers are basically the Sea Gals mixed with eight overdressed male dancers. Their baggy clothes stood out more than anything else on the field when juxtaposed with their feminine counterparts.

The only time the outfits matched even slightly were when it rained and they donned rather epic Seahawks rain jackets with a well played green-to-blue fade. Outside of that one moment of shared apparel, the mix of the male dancers fully clothed next to scantily clad female cheerleaders almost made the new team uncomfortable.

The men looked like trainee dancers next to pros, hoping to learn the moves. Except they always occupied the front row and only had a towel to hold down their place. The problem was clear to everyone in attendance. With baggy pants and oversized football jerseys, the male Seahawks Dancers looked legitimately boyish next to females.

To be blatantly honest, we saw more skin from the defensive lineman celebrating sacks during the game than we did from the male dancers who have to be true athletes and physical specimens in their own right. More skin was shown by the drum team, Seahawks flag men, and even a few photographers sprinting down the field for their preferred shot.

The answer is simple. The men must wear more physically revealing clothes. Let me be honest, the apparel options are plentiful in 21st Century culture. How about an ’80s throwback with short shorts and crop top jerseys in honor of the Don James Dawgs. Or how about a Coyote Ugly crossover with some sexy cowboys dancing alongside their Sea Gal counterparts to the 2019 hit Old Town Road?

This is easy Seahawks. If we need gender equity, let’s bring some apparel equality alongside the change.

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