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Flasher exposes himself to kayakers at Seattle arboretum


A man exposed himself to two women while they were kayaking in the UW Arboretum in Seattle.

I tackled a naked man on Eastlake

Dayo Vice tells KIRO 7 TV that, last Wednesday, she and her friend were paddling along the Foster Island Loop Trail.

Suddenly, a guy, wearing only tennis shoes, walked out of the brush. Vice says the man flashed them.

“He was wearing sneakers and nothing else,” Vice told KIRO 7. “He waved and then laughed. And when we said we were going to call the cops, he jumped into the bushes.”

“As a woman, we tend to feel victimized and hunted a lot,” she said. “But I felt hunted. Terrified.”

Vice says her experience isn’t unique. In fact, she’s talked to many women who she claims have had the same experience.

“The amount of women who have had that exact same experience at the Arboretum, it’s so common that it is normalized,” she said. “That my experience is almost laughed off because it’s happened to everyone.”

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