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Big-time gains: County sellers average 48 percent profit

King County home sellers are seeing an average of a 48 percent profit since purchase, according to RealtyTrac’s October 2015 U.S. Home Sales Report.

King County was tied for seventh in the poll with Travis County, Texas; and Contra Costa County, California. Six of the top 10 spots were held by California markets.

“Buyers are still fighting over any new listing which is well priced and this has led to rapid price escalation,” said Matthew Gardner, economist at Windermere Real Estate. “As such, we are seeing an average price gain substantially higher than the national average.”

Seattle’s median home prices rose 10 percent from a year ago in October, according to RealtyTrac.

Here are RealtyTrac’s top 10 counties where sellers, on average, sold for the largest percentage profit since purchase:

1. Alameda County, California: 75 percent gain
2. Santa Clara County, California: 61 percent gain
3. San Mateo County, California: 58 percent gain
4. San Bernardino County, California: 52 percent gain
5. Multnomah County, Oregon, in the Portland metro area: 51 percent gain
6. Denver County, Colorado: 49 percent gain
7. King County: 48 percent gain
8. Travis County, Texas, in the Austin metro area: 48 percent gain
9. Contra Costa County, California: 48 percent gain
10. Orange County, California: 46 percent gain

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