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Mona Das
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Rantz: WA Democrat falsely claimed bigotry to promote her business

(Washington State Legislature)

A Washington state freshman Senator claimed she suffered bigotry within the Democratic caucus, but an investigation said there’s no evidence it happened. So why would she make the claim? I suspect it was for some progressive street cred to help promote her new business.

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State Senator Mona Das (D-47) told a group at a Kent Chamber of Commerce luncheon that she found it “hard to go to work everyday” because of the “racism, and the sexism, and the misogyny” that she experienced as an elected woman of color.

“After they close that door, that’s when it gets real,” Das said after she experienced private caucus meetings she pretended were objectionable. “That’s when my 28 colleagues got real. And that’s when I heard hate, misogyny, and racism, and sexism from people you would not expect. That’s the type of light I want to shine. Now, when there are eight people of color in the Senate Democratic caucus, it was coded language – ‘those people.’ They would say things that were coded.”

When this was first reported by the Kent Reporter, Das claimed the report was a “mischaracterization of my remarks.” Then video emerged of the event. She wasn’t mischaracterized at all but, having no shame, she’s willing to throw a hard working reporter under the bus.

The Senate investigated the claims, though Das didn’t ask for it. Why would she? Her allegations had no merit. Indeed, behind the scenes, some insiders knew she wouldn’t get a pass for these allegations. The investigation found absolutely no evidence the comments were made by her colleagues.

Around the time these allegations were made, Das had started a consultancy firm called MOXY, which was inspired by the “traumatic” experience in both running for office and serving as an elected official “ESPECIALLY women of color.” In one post on her personal page, Das announced she was hiring people “interested in working for a company who’s [sic] mission is to change the system, a company who is looking to take on racism, sexism, oppression, white privilege and misogyny through political engagement, FUNdraising coaching and mentoring the next generation of candidates!”

Her whole service is to specifically address the hurdles facing people of color as they run for office and then support them when they’re in power. Wouldn’t she have an even better personal story to sell her services if she could say she faced all the things she’s trying to fight against? That’s not progressive street cred you can buy — it’s earned through dealing with the unseen bigotry behind the close-doors! She knows how to win and persist because she’s experienced it! Except: she didn’t experience it here.

“My new business is to promote people like me,” Das said of her business, according to the Kent Reporter.

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People like you? You mean, politicians who make baseless claims of bigotry to further one’s own career, lie about media reports, then move on as if you did nothing wrong?

Her first two clients, according to the Kent Reporter, are Kent City Council candidate Awale Farah and Burien City Council candidate Sofia Aragon. Sounds like these are the exact candidates we shouldn’t put into office.

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